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Weber's "the protestant ethic and capitalism" has something fundamentally wrong with it. He talks about it, he wants to talk about it, he searches it on the Internet, and the problem has been solved.As long as you know the following key words, the basic is very clear.Related keywords: 1. Middle ages.2. Renaissance.3. Humanism.4 big voyages.5. Augsburg religious peace treaty.6. The thirty years' war.7. Peace of Westphalia.8. The reformation.9. Protestantism.10. Enlightenment.Take a look at the encyclopedia entry.The clear question, why does weber create the chaos, the weber myth and the weber bowl, is really worth thinking about.In fact, this is a common fault of Chinese scholars for two hundred years: any western scholar is a master, and basically can not be doubted.Lost, so reduced.(I) weber talked about the connection between protestantism and capitalism.Protestantism is the product of the reformation.To put it another way might open up a whole different perspective: the relationship between the reformation and capitalism, or the relationship between the germination and development of capitalism and the reformation.It's easy to take a history and look at it in isolation.To have a macro perspective, in the period of time to see the problem, otherwise it is normal phenomenon.There have been several major changes in the west in the last thousand years, in order: the Renaissance, the reformation, the enlightenment.In fact, there are also some important events, such as the rise of science, the revival of rational humanism in ancient Greece, the germination and development of capitalism, and the subsequent industrial revolution.The first few things came before the reformation, which was the pressure and cause of the reformation.The reformation/secession had to be a passive response to pressures, and of course there would be responses/compromises to pressures.If this is the case, it is clear that weber has done exactly the right thing: capitalism (rationality, humanity, etc.) forced the reformation and thus the birth of protestantism.Protestantism was certainly adapted to the emergence and development of capitalism, not the other way around.There are some taoists who have their own religion, or even, it may be said, those who have grown up under the influence of these factors, who can no longer bear the original religion (no longer believe in the original religion), split the religion, reformed the religion, and founded protestantism.It is even possible to say that the capitalist scholars have reformed the Catholic church in this way.And it's a good way to understand why weber doesn't talk about the relationship between Catholic ethics and the spirit of capitalism.It is easy to think rationally about the causes of the protestant reformation.Instead of starting after the establishment of protestantism, which is of course a very problematic interception.The position affects the method, the method discredits the conclusion, or even the subject, which discredits reason.To be justified by faith, faith is more important to believers than reason.That makes sense.The problem is powerful: the west is largely capitalist, both Catholic and protestant (a third of the population is protestant: online).England, America and other protestant countries, Italy, France and Germany and other Catholic countries, if the development of capitalism is attributed to protestantism, or even as domestic westernization scholars understand that there is no capitalism without protestantism, then how did capitalism develop in these Catholic countries?It's not hard to open your mind. Just ask a few simple practical questions.The question is simple and to the point, but why not think about it, or even think about it?(see appendix) the reformation/secession, the split of protestantism from Catholicism, or, so to speak, from some people.This is the same way that Jesus created Christianity (the new testament) as a revolution against Judaism (the old testament), protestantism is a revolution against old Christianity (Catholicism).Of course, this kind of religious revolution couldn't stop the enlightenment.Scholasticism is, so to speak, a revolution in the old theology, an emphasis on or compromise on the current of reason, which is fatal to faith-based religion.One could also say, of course, that the intellectual tide of scholasticism helped the enlightenment (the intellectual tide came first, and scholasticism responded to the intellectual tide), and that the reformation (the resulting protestantism) adapted and even promoted the development of capitalism.From a single point of view, this is certainly not bad.Relatively old Catholicism (Christianity), certainly more so, it's good to know what's going on.(ii) the simple conclusion is as follows: 1. Protestantism is a revolution against old Christianity, just as Christianity (the new testament) is a revolution against Judaism (the old testament).2. Some people have their own way of teaching. To put it simply, some people have their own way of doing things.From this point of view, it is believers who create religion and determine its quality.Protestants are tired of the old Christianity. They are new age people who want to do new age things.3. The protestant revolution is the result of the efforts to get out of the middle ages, the Renaissance, and the outcome of the development of humanities and sciences.4. Competition between religious and secular power: the religious revolution (which produced protestantism) was the result of the secular regime's resistance to religious unity.5. Protestantism was the result of the religious revolution to adapt to the germination and development of capitalism.It can also be expressed as a product of pressure.6. The separation of church and state is a result of the religious revolution. Rather than saying that the religious revolution is a compromise of religion to the world, it is better to say that it is a war between secular power and its scholars on religion.The war broke down from within, and they gained their own interpretation of the classics - with the support of secular regimes and new believers, of course.After the Renaissance, the new people were their solid foundation.7. The success of the religious revolution -- the establishment of protestantism -- created a relatively liberal environment that was, so to speak, the hallmark of the end of the middle ages -- theocracy.Renaissance -- reformation -- enlightenment, this is a sequence..(iii) appendix related keywords: 1, middle ages, 2, Renaissance, 3 humanism, 4 voyages, 5 augsburg religious peace treaty.The thirty years' war, 7, the peace of Westphalia, 8, the reformation.9. Protestantism.10. Enlightenment.1. The Middle Ages (c. 476 -- 1453), a period in European history (mainly Western Europe) from the fall of the western Roman empire (476) to the Renaissance and the age of the great voyages (late 15th to 17th centuries).Others say the middle ages ended with the Renaissance and the age of navigation.The term "medieval" was first used by the Italian humanist biondo in the late 15th century.There was no strong state in Europe at this time.Feudal lords have frequent wars, Christianity, the people's thought caused the stagnation of science and technology and productivity development, the people live in hopeless pain, so in the middle or early middle ages in Europe and the United States is generally referred to as the "dark ages", traditionally thought that it was a period of European civilization development is slow.(as for its name, also called Medieval Ages or Middle Times, also known as Dark Ages) since humanists, historians have tended to take a negative view of "Dark Ages" and "Middle Ages."During the protestant reformation in the 16th and 17th centuries, protestants also wrote the corruption of Catholicism into the history.In response to protestants' accusations, Catholic reformers also paint an opposite picture to the "dark ages" : a period of social and religious harmony that was anything but dark.Much of the modern negativity about the "dark ages" comes from the writings of Kant and voltaire in the enlightenment of the 17th and 18th centuries.2. Renaissance: the Renaissance was a European intellectual and cultural movement that flourished from the 14th to the 16th centuries.The Renaissance first arose in Italian cities and later spread to western European countries, culminating in the 16th century, bringing a period of scientific and artistic revolution that opened the curtain on modern European history and was regarded as the dividing line between medieval and modern times.Renaissance is one of the three great liberation movements (Renaissance, reformation and enlightenment) in modern Western Europe.After the 11th century, with the economic recovery and development, the rise of cities and the improvement of living standards, people gradually changed their previous pessimistic and desperate attitude towards real life and began to pursue the pleasure of secular life, which was contrary to the Catholic belief.In Italy, where the urban economy flourished in the 14th century, resistance to Catholic culture was first seen.Italian citizens and secular intellectuals at that time, on the one hand loathe the divinity of the Catholic position and its hypocrisy of asceticism, on the other hand, because there is no mature culture system to replace the Catholic culture, so they use to revive the ancient Greek and Roman culture advocated to express themselves, in the form of culture, this is the so-called "Renaissance".Italy was the first country to sprout capitalism and retained the culture of ancient Greece and Rome, so the Renaissance originated from there.Guiding ideology: core of humanism the core of humanism spiritual god is to put forward human-centered instead of god-centered, affirming the value and dignity of human beings.It advocates that the purpose of life is to pursue happiness in real life, advocates individual liberation, opposes ignorant and superstitious theology, and believes that man is the creator and master of real life.The root cause was the development of productive forces, and the new bourgeoisie was dissatisfied with the church's control of the spiritual world.A movement initiated by the bourgeoisie in the name of the revival of Greek and Roman classical culture to promote the ideas and culture of the bourgeoisie.Dante the forerunner.Known as the last poet of the middle ages and the first poet of the new age.His long poem, the divine comedy, made clear his distaste for the Catholic church and was the first to criticize it.Da Vinci.He combined artistic creation with scientific exploration and created many perfect and vivid figures, which fully reflected the spirit of humanism. His masterpieces include the last supper and Mona Lisa.William Shakespeare.He was a literary giant in the Renaissance period. He wrote more than 30 plays and many popular poems in his life.These works profoundly criticized the feudal moral ethics and social habits, centralized embodies the humanistic spirit, including "Hamlet", "romeo and Juliet", "the merchant of Venice" causes a material base, the medieval Europe, trade center focused on the Mediterranean coast, Italy as early as the rudiments of capitalism, the bourgeoisie hope to break the bondage of church theology.The rise of commercial cities, the development of manual factories, economic prosperity.A large number of ancient Greek and Roman cultural classics were transmitted to Italy from the eastern Roman empire.Third, the class base of the new bourgeoisie.From the 14th to the 17th century (Renaissance period), Italy has a large pool of talents.V. geographical position Italy was relatively close to the east and accepted the Oriental culture (paper making, printing) earlier.The black death was prevalent in Europe.Seventh, the deep-seated reason the church strictly controls people's thought, arouses the bourgeoisie and the populace's discontent.Origin most historians believe that the elaboration of the concept of the Renaissance originated in Florence in the late 13th century, especially in the period when Dante (1265-1321), petrarch (1304-1374) and giotto (1267-1337) were born.Some scholars give a very definite date for the beginning of the Renaissance. One of them suggests that it should be marked in 1401 by a competition between two talented sculptors, lorenzo gibelti and filippo gibeleschi, for the bronze door of the baptiste in Florence's cathedral of our lady of flowers.Others argue that it was the widespread competition among artists and pundits (including brunelleschi, giberti, donatello and masaccio) for commissions that inspired Renaissance creativity.However, there are still many disputes about the causes of the Renaissance in Italy and at that time.Accordingly, there are various theories to explain the origin of the Renaissance.Most scholars believe that in the late 14th century, due to the invasion of the Ottoman empire, which believes in Islam, many scholars in the eastern Rome (Byzantine) fled to Western Europe with a large number of ancient Greek and Roman art treasures and literature, history, philosophy and other books.This view is widely accepted by historians.Some people also say it was a souvenir brought back from the three Crusades (although they gave up halfway on the third one). They found the books on the way and moved them back and hid them in the basement of the church.Also published in 1295 by Marco Polo, a Venetian merchant, was what European society at the time considered to be a fantastic yet seductive book called "the Oriental adventures."This triggered the europeans' strong desire to explore the highly civilized and rich eastern world, which ultimately broadened the vision of the europeans and brought the eastern and western cultures into contactLed to the rapid development of literature and art.In the 14th century, with the development of workshop handicraft industry and commodity economy, capitalist relations had gradually formed within the feudal system of Europe.In politics, feudalism has caused widespread dissatisfaction, the national consciousness began to wake up, European countries have shown a strong desire for national unity.Thus, a new period of reflecting the interests and demands of the emerging capitalist forces began to emerge in culture and art.The new bourgeoisie believed that the medieval culture was a kind of retrogression, while the classical culture of Greece and Rome was a model of bright development. They tried to revive the classical culture -- but the so-called "Renaissance" was actually an unprecedented liberation and creation of knowledge and spirit.Ostensibly to restore the progressive ideas of ancient Rome, but in fact the new bourgeoisie in the spirit of innovation.At that time, Italy was in a state of city-states. Each city was an independent or semi-independent country, namely the city-states. After the 14th century, the cities gradually changed from a republic to a dictatorship.The dictator was hedonistic, neo-platonic, wanted to break free from religious asceticism, and vigorously protected the artist's depiction of secular life.At the same time, Franciscan religious activism sought to abandon orthodox scholasticism in favor of the beauty of nature and the spiritual worth of man.The Vatican, too, is on the verge of corruption, with popes whose hedonism is greater than that of secular dictators, protecting artists and allowing art to stray from orthodox religious dogma.Philosophy and science are gradually developing towards a more relaxed atmosphere, and also brewing the prelude to the religious reform.The Renaissance was the first bourgeois ideological liberation movement in history. It promoted the development of world culture, promoted the awakening of the people and made necessary ideological and cultural preparations for the development of capitalism.3. Ideological mobilization and preparation for the bourgeois revolution.Social influence on the primitive accumulation of capital: the Renaissance, as an ideological liberation movement to promote the new bourgeois culture, laid a solid foundation for the early capitalist germination and development in the process of dissemination, and at the same time accumulated the primitive wealth for the early bourgeoisie.Renaissance movement started in Italy, after transmission from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic coast, a famous cities such as Rome, Florence, Venice and the Netherlands, and a series of new urban and capitalist industry and commerce began to thrive, capital began to flow into the emerging bourgeoisie, for at the same time the new route opened up, religious reform as well as future bourgeois revolution or reform provides a necessary condition.The exploration and discovery of human nature: the Renaissance liberated people from the bondage of traditional feudal theology, and people began to explore the value of man under the cloak of religion. As a man, this new concrete existence was not the new era of personal and spiritual dependence of feudal lords and religious lords.The Renaissance movement fully affirmed the value of human and attached importance to human nature, becoming a powerful call for people to break through the layers of the veil of the middle ages.The Renaissance greatly influenced the political, scientific, economic, philosophical, and theological worldviews of the time.It is a revolutionary storm of the new bourgeoisie in the field of ideology, also known as "the age of the emerging giants".3. Humanism: humanism is the ideological system, world view or ideological weapon formed in the Renaissance period, and also the central idea of the progressive literature in this period.It advocates all people-oriented, opposes the authority of god, and liberates people from the shackles of medieval theology.Advocating individual liberation and pursuing real life happiness: pursuing freedom and equality, opposing hierarchy: advocating rationality and opposing obscantist humanism are the core ideas of the Renaissance, the social ideological trend of the emerging bourgeoisie against feudalism, and the initial form of humanism.It affirms human nature and human value, requires to enjoy the joy of the world, requires human personality liberation and freedom and equality, and advocates human perceptual experience and rational thinking.Humanism, as a historical concept, is used mainly in the history of European history and philosophy to describe ideas more advanced than those of the middle ages between the 14th and 16th centuries.Historians today generally refer to the cultural and social changes during this period as the Renaissance, and the educational movement as humanism.4. The great voyage: the great voyage era, also known as the great geographical discovery, refers to the extensive transoceanic activities and geographical breakthroughs initiated around the world, especially in Europe, from the 15th to the 17th centuries.These ocean-going activities have facilitated communication between the continents of the earth and have resulted in the formation of many new trade routes.With the opening up of new shipping routes, cultural and trade exchanges between the east and the west increased greatly, and colonialism and free trade began to rise.Europe grew rapidly during this period and laid the foundation for prosperity that surpassed that of Asia.In this era, people not only discovered a new continent, increased a lot of geographical knowledge, but also greatly promoted the overseas trade of Europe, and became one of the important links of the rise of European capitalism.For countries and nations other than Europe, the impact of the great geographical discovery is also complex and contradictory.The ninety-five theses were Martin Luther's theses for debate, posted on the church gate of wittenberg castle in Germany on October 31, 1517, and are now generally regarded as the beginning of the protestant reformation.While studying law in the university, Martin Luther accepted the progressive humanism of the time.Then he studied theology, and from 1508 he became professor of theology at the university of wittenberg.I have traveled all over the world, I have been to Rome, I have heard and seen the corruption and darkness of the Vatican and the church.6. Augsburg treaty of religion: the treaty was concluded between Charles v (1519 ~ 1556), emperor of the holy Roman empire, and the German protestant princes in the empire.Signed at augsburg in 1555.The peace treaty ended the unification of Catholicism in Germany, which was the legal basis for the equal existence of Lutheran protestantism and Catholicism in Germany.The German princes expanded their political and religious power through the treaty, and the principality division system was further consolidated.Charles v had long suppressed protestantism, and in February 1531 the protestant princes formed the smercaden league against the emperor and the Catholic princes.In 1550, Charles v issued an edict banning the propaganda of the religious reform, which was punished as a crime of disrupting public order and state order, provoking the resistance of the protestant princes.In 1552, after losing the war with the protestant princes, Charles v resumed peace talks with them.But unwilling to compromise directly with the protestants, he gave his brother, Ferdinand I, the right to preside.After long negotiations, a peace treaty was concluded on September 25, 1555.1. No state in the empire could provoke war on religious grounds;2. Recognize the freedom of worship of lutherans and the old church (Catholicism) and the equality of Lutheran protestantism and the old church;3. According to the principle of "religion follows the state", a vassal has the right to determine the religious beliefs of himself and his subjects within his territory;4 but calvinism, anabaptism and other protestant denominations are not recognized;5 the estates occupied by protestant princes before the treaty of passau (2 August 1552) may be continued in their possession.In addition, the Catholic church proposed that any Lutheran vassal who converted must give up his office, land and income, but the protestant vassal refused, so the two sides did not reach an agreement on this clause.7, the Thirty Years' War (English: La guerre DE Trente Ans, German: Drei igj hriger Krieg, Dutch: Dertigjarige Oorlog, Spanish: Guerra DE los Treinta A OS, 1618-1648) was A large-scale international War involving the whole of Europe that evolved from the civil War of the holy Roman empire and was the first all-european War in history.[1] the war was a product of the conflicts among European countries in the struggle for interests, the establishment of hegemony and the intensification of religious disputes.The war began with the resistance of the bohemians against the rule of the Austrian habsburg dynasty and ended with the defeat of the habsburg dynasty and the signing of the peace of Westphalia.This war promoted the formation of the European nation state and was the beginning of the modern history of Europe.Brief introduction to the war it was basically a war between the protestant German vassals and Denmark, Sweden, and France (France was Catholic, but allied with the protestant countries in order to dominate Europe), supported by the Dutch, English, and russians;The holy Roman emperor, the German Catholic princes and Spain were on the other side, with the support of the Pope and Poland.The late middle ages, the holy Roman empire declining internal governors standing dispute continuously, after the reformation and development of Catholic and protestant sharp opposition, combined with the surrounding countries rise, broke out in 1618 to 1648, the major European countries involved in a massive international war German civil war, also known as "religious war".[2] the war wiped out about 60 percent of the population of the German states, 65 percent of the population of Pomerania, and 25 percent of the population of silesia, of which nearly half of the men died.[3] background of the war after the 13th century, the imperial power of Germany under the habsburg dynasty was declining day by day, and the various states were divided.Protestant (Lutheran, Calvinist) and old (Catholic) vassals fought for territory and opposed the emperor's monopoly under cover of religious disputes, and formed the protestant league (1608) and the Catholic league (1609), respectively.The habsburgs tried hard to limit protestant activity and fought for the old lords to restore imperial power, with the support of the Pope, the Spanish and polish nobles.[4] in order to dominate Europe, France tried to keep Germany divided and supported protestant princes to resist the imperial power.Denmark and Sweden had long coveted German territories and harbours in the north sea and the Baltic;The Dutch and British were reluctant to expand imperial power in northern Europe, and the British tried to weaken Spain.These countries supported the protestant alliance.The Czech uprising against the habsburg dynasty in 1618 was the trigger for the thirty years' war.The holy Roman emperor matthias (1612-1619) attempted to restore Catholicism in the Czech republic and appointed Ferdinand ii king of the Czech republic.Ferdinand ii banned the practice of protestantism in Prague, tore down its churches and declared protestants to be MOBS.On May 23, 1618, armed crowds stormed the palace and threw the emperor's orders into a ditch through the window, a historic "throw out the window event" that became the beginning of the thirty years' war.[5] the thirty years' war was the culmination of centuries of religious and international political conflict in Europe.As king gustaf of Sweden himself put it in a letter to his prime minister, "all the little wars here have been brought together into one great European war."[6] the thirty years war played a role in the formation of modern European nation-states, which promoted the formation of European nation-states and marked the beginning of modern European history.The conclusion of the peace of Westphalia established the principles of national territory, sovereignty and independence in international relations and was regarded as the beginning of modern international relations.The signing of the peace of Westphalia marked the formation of the international community in the modern sense and the emergence of the international law decided by it.The international order established by the peace of Westphalia had a far-reaching influence and lasted until the Vienna system established by the congress of Vienna in 1815.8, Westphalia and Westphalia contract (the Peace Treaty of Westphalia) is a symbol of the thirty years war ends and a series of contracts, contract both sides were ruled Spain, the holy Roman empire of the hapsburg and France, Austria, Sweden, and the holy Roman empire in the principality of Brandenburg, Saxony choose principality, Bavarian vassal nations.The peace of the western Netherlands, signed on October 24, 1648, officially confirmed the peace of Westphalia and symbolized the end of the thirty years' war.The peace of Prague in 1635 and the pyrenees in 1659 are considered by most historians to be part of the westphalian peace series.The principles of state sovereignty, state territory and state independence that should be observed in international relations were identified, which played an important role in promoting the development of modern international law and was honored as one of the "100 events that have affected the world".1. Reaffirms the validity of the augsburg religious peace of 1555 and the Prague peace of 1635;2. The habsburg royal family recognized the legal status of protestantism in the holy Roman empire, and the equality of protestant and Catholic princes in the empire;3. States within the holy Roman empire may establish their own official religion, and subjects who do not wish to convert may move out within a time limit;Among them converted calvinism was recognized by the empire as a legitimate religion;The ownership of educational property is based on the year 1624, and any property held prior to January 1, 1624 May be retained (in the palatine and its confederacy, the year 1619).4. The sovereign states of the holy Roman empire had diplomatic autonomy, and could not declare war on the emperor and the royal family;The emperor still had no power to decide on any major issues, such as declarations of war, peace, taxation and conscription.5. Officially recognizes the republic of the Netherlands and Switzerland as independent states;6. The Austrian territories outside the habsburg royal family were forced to cut off with France, Sweden and some protestant vassals within the empire: France received the three dioceses of lorraine, merlin, tur and verdun, and the whole of Alsace except Strasbourg;Sweden acquired the western Pomeranian region and the two dioceses of wismar and brem-wilden, thus gaining the important ports on the south coast of the Baltic sea and the north sea.Brandenburg was granted the eastern Pomeranian region and the dioceses of Magdeburg, halberstadt, cumming and minden;Saxony acquired the Lusatia region;The principality of Palatinate was split in two, with the Catholic upper Palatinate united with Bavaria (which became the eighth elector of the holy Roman empire) and the protestant lower Palatinate (rhineland-palatinate) remaining independent.7. The election of the emperor of the holy Roman empire shall not take place while the present emperor is alive, lest the emperor interfere and affect the outcome;8. France and Sweden were represented in the holy Roman parliament, and the duke of Bavaria was made elector;9. Sweden also received an indemnity of 5 million thalers from the holy Roman empire.[1] 9. The reformation: the reformationReformation), noun, history began in Europe in the 16th century Christian top-down Reformation (against religious reform movement, the Protestant Reformation), the movement laid the foundation Protestant, but also from the Roman empire crumbled promulgate Christianity as the state religion after the predominantly Catholic club system of church and state, for the later western countries transition from Christianity under the rule of the feudal society to the diversity of modern society to lay the foundation, and western historiography circle directly referred to as "reform movement" (Reformation).[1] representatives of the reformation period include Martin Luther, zwingli, John Calvin, menno, John simms, jacobs, arminius, John Wesley and laterProtestant denomination.However, in the narrow sense, protestantism and reformation are usually limited to the reformation movement in Europe until the introduction of the peace of Westphalia in 1648, when Martin Luther proposed the ninety-five theses in 1517.Religious reform is an inevitable result of the development of European capitalism and an important milestone in the history of religious development.Cultural background 1. Politically, European nationalism sprang up, calling for the establishment of a unified nation-state and the breaking of Catholic control.Second, economically, with the development of capitalist relations of production, the new bourgeoisie grew up and demanded to break the spiritual shackles of Catholic theology and remove obstacles to the development of capitalism.3. Culturally, the Renaissance advocated individual freedom, equality, desire, the supremacy of humanity, competition and progress, and scientific pursuit of knowledge, which provided theoretical and ideological basis for people to challenge the Catholic church.4. Religiously, the Catholic church had great influence in the fragmented German land, not only ruling Germany spiritually, but also taking a lot of wealth from Germany.From the 14th century to the 16th century, western European society was in transition from the middle ages to the modern era. The social changes in Western Europe at that time were mainly reflected in three aspects.Second, politically, the bourgeoisie and the new aristocracy began to form, opposing the privileges and divisions of the feudal aristocracy.The feudal monarchs of Britain and France established the "new monarchy" of political centralization on the basis of alliance with the bourgeoisie and the new aristocracy.They strengthened political centralization, promoted mercantilism, and rewarded cultural creation, which greatly promoted the development of nation-states.However, in Italy and Germany, there are still divisions, which urgently need political unity;Third, the Renaissance movement against feudalism and theocracy emerged in the field of ideology and culture.Humanists criticized the ignorance, ascetic preaching and feudal hierarchy of the church in the middle ages, advocated individual freedom, equality and desire, and advocated the theory of competition and enterprising spirit and scientific pursuit of knowledge, which greatly promoted people's ideological liberation and concept renewal and constituted a huge impact on the Catholic theocracy.In such a social background, the religious reforms in Western Europe in the 16th century all aimed at the Roman church's unified theocracy over Europe, calling for the establishment of a "national church" adapted to the development of nation-states or a "cheap church" adapted to the rising needs of the bourgeoisie.The reform had a political impact on the theocracy of the Catholic church, promoted the formation of the European nation state, and drew a political blueprint for the bourgeoisie, such as the theocracy of republic nature established by Calvin in Geneva.The economy promoted the development of capitalism in Europe.Culturally, people's thoughts were liberated, which promoted the development of national culture and education in western European countries and provided ideological weapons for the early bourgeois revolution.The main targets of reform were the Catholic church and the Pope.Its role was to promote the development of European capitalism.Time: 16th century location: from the German state to the whole of Europe: religion and political forms: reformation and political revolutionary nature: bourgeois opposition to feudal ideological emancipation and political movement subject:Bourgeoisie and accept the bourgeois ideology of christians, feudal lords (king) and peasants because (1) (2) the rise of the bourgeoisie, (3) the church corruption magisterium struggle with crown (4) civilian resentment (5) promotion of those "new monarchy" the rise of the printing, the strengthening of the autocratic monarchy and the decline of the feudal system 7 the awakening of national consciousness and the formation of independent nation-state effects (1) : political blow to the Catholic theocracy, deprived of the church in national political and economic privileges, the monarchy was strengthened, is conducive to the development of the nation state.Economically: established to meet the needs of the bourgeoisie ethics and way of life, seized a large number of property and land originally belonging to the church, conducive to the development of the capitalist economy.Culturally: A broke the spiritual monopoly of the Catholic church, freed people's minds and developed humanism.B. To develop their own national culture, all countries attach great importance to education, set up schools, and increase learning subjects including natural sciences, thus promoting the development of national culture and education in western European countries.C spread bourgeois ideology and provided a banner for the early bourgeois revolution.In essence, the early bourgeoisie opposed the ideological liberation and social movement of feudal rule and religious theocracy, implemented the principle of separation of church and state in the world, and the scientific revolution promoted the vigorous development of the scientific education system.Countries in which Christianity (protestantism) is dominant: United Kingdom, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia.The influence of Catholicism is also strong in the United States and Australia, where 35 percent of the population is Catholic and about 28 percent in Australia.New Zealand (18 per cent) and the UK (10 per cent) were also higher.Predominantly Catholic countries: Italy, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Ireland, Poland, Czech republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Lithuania, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, Liechtenstein, Monaco, SAN marino, Malta, Andorra, South American countries.Protestantism is also strong in the Czech republic and Hungary, where 30 percent of the population is protestant and about 25 percent in Hungary.Countries with equal percentages of catholics and protestants: Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Canada.Orthodox dominated countries: Russia, Ukraine, belarus, Romania, moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, Armenia, Georgia.Among them, the western part of Ukraine is dominated by eastern orthodox Catholicism (whose basic doctrines, rituals and institutions are orthodox, but which recognizes the Catholic Pope as its living head of the church).Macedonia and Bulgaria also have large Muslim populations, at 30% and 10%, respectively.This was largely the result of 500 years of Ottoman rule.Protestantism (more orthodox, German: Protestantismus, English: Protestantism, French: Protestantisme) is the concept of Christianity after the reformation in the 16th century, as opposed to the Catholic church, orthodox church and other old forces, including the direct reform from the Vatican Lutheran, Calvinist, Anglican three churches.The churches and fellowship that followed, such as the great awakening in the 18th century, the restoration in the 19th century, and the Pentecostal movement in the 20th century, deepened the scope of reform or restoration within protestantism, and the fundamentalists established the nine principles.[1] by 2010, there were about 40,000 protestant denominations in the world, and nearly 900 million protestants, accounting for one third of the total number of christians.It is usually divided into evangelicals and evangelicals, fundamentalists and liberals, high church and low church.[5] reform leader Martin ? ? Luther/John ? ? Calvin/Henry viii background protestant a free translation from the English word "Protestantism" (protest), relative to the Catholic church "Catholicism" (to), is in accordance with the national socialism, nationalism and individualism and liberalism builds up the church, emphasis on individual independence, separation of church and state ideology.It is made up of three parts: "Protest" and "-ant" and "-ism", of which the first two parts are "Protestant", from the Latin protestari, or "protestatio".The protests were originally protests within the Catholic church, usually dating from the 11th century, when the eastern and western churches split.Among them, Peter philippe valledo, Arnold philippe brescia, John philippe wyclif, and the papal death at the stake of yanchou-huus are regarded as the earliest protest leaders.The ninety-five theses, written in 1517 by Martin Luther, the priest of the order of Austin, on the basis of corruption in the church, such as atonement, was an ultimatum to protest the Pope's demands for reform of the holy see and the Catholic church.[8] in 1529, after the speyer conference of the holy Roman empire and the Catholic church, a succession of christians who did not accept the conference's judgment on Luther formed their own churches.The protests started by zwingli and John Calvin focused on reform, aiming to rid the Catholic church of its remaining traditions, hence the name "Reformed".The Protestant reform, commonly known as The reform, was opposed.Protestantism also refers to the reformed church.The disease of western culture -- talk about brexit and the us election.Brexit and the us republican Donald trump came to power, Europe and the United States a cry, domestic liberals are pathetic, very funny.It is time to rethink modern humanism and postmodernism, both liberal and conservative in Europe and America.Of course, it is almost impossible to expect the westernization school with Chinese characteristics to reflect on themselves. They only copy and take pride in being western students.They never really go into scholarship, they just curse trump, curse populism, that's all.(I) the great change in Britain and America is the outbreak of cultural limitations/lesions in modern Europe and America and the passive resistance of conservatives to the liberal elite.This is not just a succession of political parties, nor is it a division and confrontation of specific economic and political policies. It is the tearing and disappearance of cultural consensus that is the root of the problem.If we cannot understand the problem culturally and deal with it fundamentally from the height of culture, the turbulence will not end.There are fundamental problems in modern western humanities (see "revisiting Chinese and western culture").To put it simply: 1. Under the background of anti-religion in the middle ages, the enlightenment anti-religion and anti-autocracy was characterized by liberalism and individualism, seeking liberation and freedom and democracy.2. The enlightenment was incomplete and had big limitations: it was isomorphic to Christianity.It's not systematic. It's trivial.Extremes.Radicalization is a common phenomenon of cultural inheritance.Conservatives are more conservative than patriarchs.Liberals are more open than ancestors.Look at the two thousand years of Confucianism.So do liberals.Because the enlightenment is trivial and complicated, it cannot be sorted out. In fact, the rise of postmodernism is in the same line.Freedom has boundaries. That is morality, not just law.Morality is the boundary of freedom. Freedom is throwing away the chains, not the clothes.Although the enlightenment movement has great limitations in terms of cultural pattern, its general direction and effect are good, which can be said to break the shackles.Post-modern, it's about taking off your clothes and going to the animals.The extreme radicalization of western Democrats is also very serious. After decades of development, they have already broken the moral bottom line.The republican right is still basically the enlightenment, but the democratic left and the so-called elite are more postmodern.This time, they finally broke through common sense and patience.Thus, the Democratic Party departs, the westernization party with Chinese characteristics is dumbfounded, at a loss.It is an opportunity to reflect fundamentally on post-modernism and even the enlightenment in culture.Whether or not the United States can rebuild the foundation of the nation, this is the United States can stop the decline, the fundamental renewal.(2) this is just the display of the conservative sentiments in Britain and the United States. It is more of instinct and common sense, which does not reach the height of culture. Of course, it is far from the integration and development of culture.They also share the foundations of the enlightenment with the left. Can this change become an occasion for cultural reflection? Hopefully.The republican/democratic debate is still largely a matter of politics (economic policy), far from a cultural/moral reconstruction, far from building the foundation of a cultural consensus that brings the left and the right closer together.That, of course, is unlikely to win the Democrats outright.Culture is sick.The political correctness of the Democratic Party is destroying the foundation of the nation, and trump's isolationism has closed the door.It no longer has ideals. It is a sign of American decline.Trumpian opposition to democratic political correctness, but more pragmatic.If it's called political correctness, it means there's no way to fight back.Such is the pattern, so populist discourse is inevitable, which is why the elites scold populism.Political correctness means not yet cultural correctness.Since admission is politically correct, there is no way to win.What this tao is, is morality, is culture.No matter conservatives or Democrats, if they can't get out of the pattern of modern humanity and the limitations of the enlightenment, their future will only be confused and unknown.(3) there are, of course, economic problems, and one of the main motivations for this change is the tide of globalization.Globalization is first and foremost the globalization of capital and enterprises, which is beneficial to global economic development as well as global political integration.But the distribution pattern of globalization will inevitably affect employment in developed countries.If the distribution pattern of wealth within a country is affected, the pressure of secondary distribution will be great, which will affect the competitiveness of the country, so the pressure of unbalanced distribution will be great.This is the inevitable result of international free competition in resource/labor costs.Globalization is good.Ideal is good, how to properly achieve, this is more difficult than the ideal itself, more fundamental.There is no realistic basis for the ideal, if the hard push, the basic is a tragedy.There is no stopping the tide of globalization.This is not just an economic issue, of course.Globalisation is good for the world, but the west has lost its grip.The naivete of the left led to the British vote to leave the European Union and to big changes in the United States.Popular for 20 or 30 years, the shallow end of history said, disappeared.How far economic integration can go without the impetus and guarantee of political integration is a question.What are the prospects for political integration?How to promote it practically and effectively?Is political integration possible without a new cultural consensus to unite the world?The problem is too big.Consensus builds the world.Religion is out of the question, and the limitations of modern western culture have exploded.Ethics, of course, meaning values.In addition to the benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and faith, which has condensed the Chinese people for thousands of years such a large community of Confucianism, I can't think of the second possibility.As long as you really study deeply, you will naturally return to Confucianism.Modern people gradually attributed to Confucianism, this is also inevitable.4. The victory of the so-called populists of the Democrats and the foolish people.It shows that they have not realized their childish and wrong.It is not so naive to think that trump was first elected by the republican party and then by the people.The Democrats are not politically correct at all.As for the radicalization issue, the postmodern/democratic movement has gone too far.Before the systematic construction of modern humanities, these third-rate liberal elites could only go further and further, until their heads were broken and bleeding.Democrats are pushing for coed, gay issues, etc., and are working to eliminate gender differences.Gender differences are natural, humane and divine.Human development is to follow nature, and the way to follow nature is to uphold humanity.How men and women best position themselves among families, couples, parents, children, is a constant thread of discussion.Christianity has the problem of anti-family teaching, enlightenment individualism/liberalism has inherited this problem, and postmodernism is even more extreme.How to treat the family is the basis of evaluating a cultureThen.There is a phenomenon that the higher the education level, the lower the fertility intention.There must be something wrong with the content of education - the modern human disease is everywhere, but scholars are too self-abasement to think about it.Are there any problems with modern western culture?Will the American and European teachers still have problems?They are the truth of the universe, all our problems, is that we do not learn like - this is our Chinese characteristics of scholars.If the so-called cultural development violates the natural way, it must be evil.Whether it is man's determination to conquer nature, or freedom and liberation.Look at the number of single-parent families in the United States.So many children are growing up in single-parent families. What is this not misery?Life, just material conditions?Of course not.Culture is sick. It's scary.What's more, without realizing the problem, we can only go further and further.Online: in the 1960 U.S. census, only 9 percent of children were from single-parent families. By the 2000 census, that figure had risen to 28 percent.We are only the dolls of The Times, drifting with the tide.From one tenth to nearly 30 percent, it only took 40 years, the fault created by the post-modern thinking is too big.Who can save?The elite are having fun.2. The war with Iraq and Libya.Saddam and gaddafi were certainly bad, but they suppressed religious extremism.It would be ridiculous if you overthrew them, only to see religious extremism gain ground and then do nothing within the limits of religious freedom.Is it secular dictatorship or religious extremism?If you overthrow a secular dictatorship, you have a duty to suppress the religious extremes.3. Syrian refugees.The refugee issue was a flashpoint for brexit.People are accusing the British of selfishness, not knowing that their policies are seriously wrong.How much reception capacity do the eu countries have?How to merge after receiving.Are you confident you can convert to extreme religion?What will happen in the future?It is certainly not the so-called elites who make policy that suffer.Thankfully, the UK can have a referendum.If you look at it morally, it's humane to accept refugees.So are those who cannot leave the war-torn countries to take over?Can their suffering be ignored?Why only refugees arriving on shore?Or is it to allow nature to sift through the suffering on its way out, so that those who survive are eligible?It's not that humanity is wrong, it's that it's stupid.With the force of Europe and the United States, it would be foolish and irresponsible to resettle only the refugees.The responsible approach is to achieve stability as soon as possible.That's the way to keep people safe.Short-term refugees can be accepted, the fundamental way is to secure the country and the people.I'm not interested in going into too much detail, so I'll stop there.Morality is the boundary of freedom.Freedom is throwing off the chains, not the clothes. Let's not go to the animals.It is an opportunity to reflect fundamentally on post-modernism and even the enlightenment in culture.Whether or not the United States can rebuild the foundation of the nation, this is the United States can stop the decline, the fundamental renewal of the world is a blessing.A new consensus will not emerge until the cultural issue is fundamentally resolved, and it can only fall back and continue to tear apart.The world has reached a turning point, and America's elites are excitedly fighting for access to women's toilets.The lion of America is sleeping. It cannot wake up.502, find the problem, solve the problem: Confucius has no problem.This is the case with science, with modern disciplines and so on.So the best way to think of Confucius as problematic is from all disciplines and perspectives.This is finding the problem.Later, on the premise that Confucius was correct, he reasoned out the theory of learning and resolved the misunderstanding.This is the solution.Reputation/honor/heart of honor: reputation, honor/shame, honor/shame.Honor, honor, honor.Fame, fame, fame...Reputation is the external judgment, Confucianism is not particularly stressed, but the sense of honor is particularly important.The teacher has: the gentleman disease is gone and the name does not call yan...Shame, turn inward.Shame, which is the inner feeling, is very much emphasized.In fact, honor is external, but the sense of honor is internal, not necessarily related to external evaluation.Naming: everything should have a name.But some things are not directly named, but in front of their antonyms add a negative word, and do not agree to replace the word...One reason, these things are not supposed to exist, is the reflection of value judgment in the creation of words.For example, unkindness and unrighteousness, disloyalty and unfilial piety, impudence and impudence.504, Japan: Japan is an island country, strong in learning and doing, can be said to be a tradition.Strong learning ability, who learn who.Japan left Asia and entered Europe.There was a blue school, but this time it was more thorough.Leaving Asia for Europe, mainly learning from Europe, America and Russia, although leaving Asia, but the culture has not changed at all, Shinto.Meiji restoration and then militarism.Japan has been strong for 30 years, what does it depend on?On what theory?What theory also depend on, pragmatic just, pragmatic and not forget.Two words: pragmatic.Be practical without forgetting your roots.Japanese culture is Shinto, a fusion of Confucian Shinto.So it's hard for Christianity to get a foothold in Japan.Britain is a virtual monarch constitutional, Japan is close to the real monarch constitutional.It used to be that the shogunate was in power, and the emperor was virtual, but after the reform the emperor became a real monarch, which is probably similar to the power of many emperors in ancient China, such as the song dynasty.Very simple, throw away oneself foundation, copy is no way out.Japan is a Confucian culture.Exit Asia into Europe, Meiji restoration, 30 years and strong.Mainly focus on the development of education/science and technology, industry, cultural subject is not lost.In South Korea, by contrast, the traditional basis is still in place, but Christianity in the middle ages prevails.Cultural subject consciousness lost, learn Europe and America, learn the middle ages, very sad.But Korea is the best Confucian culture, better than Taiwan and Hong Kong.Korea does not have 54, did not pass new culture movement.China.For two hundred years, China has tried all kinds of theories, starting with the Christian taiping heavenly kingdom.But China has become rich and powerful in the past 30 or 40 years.What theory?Black cat white cat theory, is no theory, is pragmatic.Really lay the foundation, really step by step, do the real thing, don't argue.We spent two hundred years arguing about thirty years. It's sad.It turns out, ironically, that it's not theoretical at all.5. Theory.The basic theory is to paint the cake, the cake good painting, can unite people.But to do things with a foundation, what kind of foundation, how to achieve/strengthen the foundation step by step, this is more important than painting a big pie.From this point of view, many big picture cakes/theories are empty.In fact, many theories explain reality rather than guide it.In fact, it is not so complicated, be a good person, let every family live a good life, that is all.Shi feng: the republic of China is not as good as the northern ocean.Zhang zuolin is a traditional bandit.Wang ching-wei is a traitor of youpin.Zhang, there is no influence of the new culture movement.Wang, and the roots of tradition.506. Morality is the boundary of freedom.Morality, tao, people's way.There is a boundary between humanity and the way of animals, which is the boundary of morality and freedom.Although not necessarily resort to other laws.Under the banner of individualism and liberalism, morality has been destroyed by modern humanists, whose great achievement is to regulate and limit modern people's behavior by AIDS.Do not cure the modern humanity of AIDS, AIDS has its value.Morality is the boundary of the gentleman, law is the boundary of the villain.507, the culture is sick: the ancestors, can go through a thousand disasters, the life from generation to generation down, and I have this life, on the one hundred thousand grateful.Look at world history. It's not easy.In modern western culture, fertility desire has become a problem. This culture must have a big problem. Culture must have a big problem.Modern people are even reluctant to give birth, which is also a myth.Buddhism is broken, so is modern humanity.We should root out culture.Life is meaningful because of love.The kernel.Confucius said, benevolence loves.508. Kneeling ceremony: 1.2. Kneel down to worship ancestors.3.In the Spring Festival, birthdays, adults, marriage and funeral, should be common ceremony.Including aunts and uncles.3. Yu fuzi.Kneel when you are young.Again long appropriate for deep bow (double embrace, 90 degrees), the meaning of practice.And in the knowledge of the destiny of the year, thinking this life practice a clear conscience, can kneel.4, t.In righteousness, loyalty and filial piety have an elder, may kneel.Kneel, have father's responsibility also.5. Adoptive son.Appropriate kneel righteousness parents, inferior to other.In the master.1, young (primary school) should kneel.Two, standing up front.Flat bow, hold hands flat, bow 45 degrees.3, and after standing, should be deep bow (double embrace, 90 degrees), the intention of practice.4, and in the year of knowledge, thinking this life practice a clear conscience, can kneel.5. And 70 years old.Holding incense offering, hands holding incense, bow ten seconds, after the turn of incense.6, sequence.In order from the young and the old.509, master, the sun and the moon.The teacher learns too much.Analects of Confucius is a teaching material, done after Confucianism, set the ears, passing difficult.The analects of Confucius is a theorem, but the reasoning after Confucianism, good not easy.Know this, can talk about learning.It is one's duty to be a good student.Meaning is holy, that the height of learning is far from enough, or the road is crooked...Master, three thousand years out, out one is enough.Later Confucianism, can do the right reasoning, can solve the problem, is the good fortune of the country and the people.Is not easy.State is very important, mainly the ability to see and think.The realm has the height, for example I am primary school three grade, I write how many compositions, again how diligently write, also is the third grade realm.The teacher is consistent, do not exceed the moment of desire, no matter how to say wrong.So it's important to improve.Mencius, you've got it all right.But the border with the master was eight or nine tenths; it was subholy.Cheng and zhu explained seven or eight of the ten points to the master, and the boundary was sixty points.Other, road not crooked good.People, know to live well, do not make strange force chaos god, is 80.It would be perfect to set an example.Scholars, of course, require different things.The most basic one is to speak classical Chinese.Ancient language impassability, learning is to see vernacular translation, is a problem.Scholars of the pre-qing dynasty all spoke classical Chinese.Think about the ancestors and ancestors.Think more about the people of your country, sven said.It would be nice to have a clear conscience.If you can't reach the height of Confucius, you can't be a sage, you have to vent your anger.This is problematic.Why study?World champion?Is he sanctified?It's normal to want to be a sage.But the main problem is: to study is to be a man, to do people well.It is to solve the cultural problem and put humanity right.The ultimate goal is to save our people from suffering.The university: repair qi zhi ping, Ming xin xin zhi shan.The teacher is the standard of perfection, and when he exceeds it, he passes it.510. It is a crime against children to publicize sexual orientation contrary to the way of nature.To protect good children is the moral and duty of every adult.There are many such subjects, such as: destroy the family, no moral education...High standard and bottom line: high standard personality should be cultivated from childhood, do not make the loss of innocence, little contamination, so is very easy.This is the way to cultivate sages and sages.However, the road to a long time, ji ji is very serious, for small, foolish evil clamour, tian to honor.Save this, solid not appropriate with sage plan also, delimit the bottom line is particularly important.Reason and virtue, although less than a gentleman, also have scruples.The bottom line, to the law of adult, long sex, into the gentleman, the urgent business.To keep a hundred years of suffering, China lost in the hands of scholars.Taiwan also follows the example of the United States, publicizing the same sex.So far the fall of humanity, lost, unable to clean up.Ignorance of reason, ignorance of words, the scholar's shame.Although yue Confucianism, in fact for the May 4th pattern, westernized background.Alas, jinyi angry horse, how many people know shame?One hundred years of the May 4th movement, Taiwan independence Hong Kong independence, if si wen dao still has an interest, why so far?Look at the Taiwan, Hong Kong island teaching materials, today's bureau, and not necessarily zai!Whine plant what cause, receive what fruit.What rubbish teaching material, give what rubbish person, do what rubbish thing, become what unbearable bureau, this is again normal however?511, branch and consistent.The teacher cloud: my way one passes through.Learning is one, but not divided.Division will be consistent, learning began.General principles consistent, all subjects, reasoning, problem set also.Such as: crowd, internal and external, etiquette, political economy and so on.512, a man is known by his talk.Say the man have no good thing, say so of, be not what good woman basically.Those who say that the nature of evil, some ignorance, and some contamination by nature, certainly not much good.Some words, very see the background.If you can't be a gentleman, then know how hypocrisy is good.By virtue of time, virtue by virtue.To the individual, is the beginning of good.For the community, is the basis of the ethos.If hypocrisy is not even known, or even needed, it is terrible.The bottom line of pseudo-sex 513, su xiaokang: "we are back to the starting point of the May 4th movement, until today, we have nothing more than the May 4th movement."That's right. Westernization is true.But he is very proud to say so, sad here: copy copy, May 4th pattern.In addition, he said qin hui copy jin gutao.Ridiculous extreme, Mr Kim's thinking is considerable, but the realm, pattern and Mr Qin than, there is a big distance.The pattern is so, what word!Poor.514, May 4th pattern: looking at the pattern of new Confucianism in Hong Kong and Taiwan, it is not surprising that the situation in Hong Kong and Taiwan today: desinification, independent thoughts, same-sex issues and so on.Neo-confucianism is a Confucian scholar, but the May 4th pattern is fundamental.The kuomintang has been afraid to mention sun yat-sen; it has lost its roots.It's dead. It's just a shell.It shares the same basic pattern with the democratic progressive party (DPP). It follows the steps of the DPP in the United States and is a copy of the American party: May 4th pattern, a copy of the United States.515. By the end of The Three Kingdoms, the population had gone from eight to seven.Wei jin weak, southern and northern dynasties and Buddhism spread, the dark ages also.Tang and extensive, the root has been residual, only with branches and leaves.To the song, but autumn leaves late zhao ear.Good and evil are rewarded, the world is peaceful only this four words.The world, the world people of the world, one heart and one mind is also called.To the song dynasty, the only zhao family in the world.Yue fei of the song dynasty, filial piety and Confucianism of the Ming dynasty, the belief that the good and evil of the people were rewarded dissipated.If the people dissipate, the world will perish.Continuing civilization, carrying forward Taoism, rejuvenating Chinese culture, leading the world to see the color of the grass is far away but not close: the grass was born, thin and higher than the dry grass.Distant to see for the side, see its high, group high alone green.Close look is looking down, more dead grass and see its yellow.The poetry conference seems to have been misinterpreted 516. Tao, dharma: tao and morality are the basis of law.There is no law to learn, and he who does not sin will know it.The dharma is governed by the tao, but only by the tao.Tao, humanity, not easy.Rituals and laws are based on the law of the hour.Analects, my constitution also.Mencius, its supplementary provisions also.One word is not easy.Half analects rule the world, according to the analects, keep the law, that is, abide by the law, this is also called constitutional government.Renzheng birth: education, medical treatment, etc.For the second child, education: kindergarten to high school, education free, college to have a number of free.Medical treatment for children and adolescents is free.It is too important that the floating population should have access to nearby schools and medical care.Give birth to two, give birth to one.517, Confucius and mencius have no problem.The only problem for more than two thousand years was that the later confucianists were creating problems.The cause of this system's gloom is also the cause of two thousand years of national misery.Scholars solve problems. Chinese scholars create problems.In fact, the world's humanities are basically the same.Human documents, the so-called classics, there are no problems, there is no problem to create the basic.Look at these second - and third-rate books, the result will be, do not need to tell.Family values save the world. Family is the foundation of all families.Public prosecution.In case of violation, the principal shall go to the whistleblower.The lender gets three years in prison.518, to say home 1 choice means responsibility.Responsibility is value, responsibility is nothing.Parents and children should take precedence over themselves in the order of ethics.This is the gentleman's basic value order.Marriage/family: marriage implies responsibility.Family is value.The court is sacred, and the family is the indivisible subject.1, if no children, can be free to divorce, but should have half a year cool period.2. If you choose to have children, you cannot divorce before the child is 12 years old.If he intentionally fails to fulfill his family responsibilities, he shall bear the penalty for three years.Before the child turns 12, there are only two options for a couple: home and prison.3, active prison for three years, divorce.4. If you don't want to be responsible, you may not get married. You are free.Marriage is sacred, the choice is responsible.5. Your hormones don't matter.Children are more important, families are more important, responsibilities are more important.519, and family 1, if you can't give the child a perfect family, then give the child a complete family.This is the basic responsibility of every parent.It is also the basic value of human being.2. A complete family, with a father, a mother and warmth, trying to avoid unnecessary suffering.It is very important for the healthy growth of children.It has little to do with material level.The family is complete as long as the child has a father and a mother.3, psychological/sound personality training, the warmth of the family is too important.4. The group has a responsibility to preserve family values.Family values are fundamental values, sacred and great.5. It is a crime not to give the child a complete family.Ps: if you can't give the child a complete family, it is a crime.1. Some words are absolute.Such as benevolence and righteousness.2. Some words have premises, but when they are expressed/communicated, the premises are omitted.This is necessary for normal communication.Simplicity, and commonsense consensus on the premises.For example, there are three ways to be unfilial.In this sentence, the premise is to exclude causes beyond one's will and ability.The family is the foundation of all ethics, the root of culture, the foundation of society, and the basic value of man.To speak of man's house, and to look at animals, is the basis of human relations.The ant bee is really a family.A queen queen, and many offspring.Take risks, do their jobs, selfless cooperation, such as the organs of a man.Its family is a selfless living thing.The birds.Crane, family settlement, each doing his part.Monogamy occurs when one partner dies and the other is left alone.Penguin, monogamous, penguin father for several months in the snow do not eat or drink, ease hatching.Beast.Elephants and wolves.Families cooperate and live together.Its kind, touching the earth.The inspection of insects, fish and beasts, the so-called western enlightenment since the modern humanities, even the flood of postmodernism.Dispelling the sacred, disdainful of morality, its ethics are many animals unbearable.We observe the world of animals, observe its ethics, feel its kindness, and know the virtues of heaven and earth.What is man, what is his place, worthy of the beast and standing between heaven and earth?521, Korea belongs to China, what's wrong with that?Qin shihuang united the six states, there is not Korea.Qi, chu, yan, han, zhao, wei and qin were the seven heroes of the warring states period.[xi xi] the problem is not whether it is a country, is not a country, lies in a hundred years of west wind, the identity base is increasingly thin.China-rok relations go beyond state-to-state relations.The state is a political concept, the most fundamental is the cultural relationship between China and South Korea, the same Confucian cultural circle.South Korea used to regard itself as Chinese, that is, cultural identity, cultural belief, which was the glory of that time.Glory and shame lie in what we do.Korea used to call itself China, China wants to be great again, that's all.Korea is the best in preserving Chinese culture, better than Taiwan.Taiwan is failing, basically still 54 pattern.South Korea does not have this problem.the world will be blessed with harmony and unityAlthough the south Korean compatriots I meet sometimes think the mainland people are poor and contemptible, I never regard the south Korean compatriots as foreigners.522. On, Japan and Britain, the succession of Chinese dynasties, this is the problem/responsibility of Confucianism: mencius' claim, the uninitiated, the translocation theory.To advocate revolution is to rebel.More recently, Mr. Mozi has criticized Confucianism for being too critical and for its poor cooperation with the government.And to modern intellectuals.[talking to xiao gongqin] it's very simple: 1. Before Confucius and mencius, dynasty change had already existed, and it had been theorized/moralized.For example, the tang wu revolution.Mencius, on the contrary, has the question of 'why to bleed, drift and pestle'.2. Japan is theocratic and the emperor is a religious and political leader.The status of religious leaders is stable, so the name of the virtual king can be preserved for a long time.China is different, is the traditional stability.China is too big, the Taoist government is divided, the Taoist government is higher than the political system, the Taoist system is eternal.Although kong fu does not represent the Taoist system, but a thousand years, this is also stable.Britain has a more stable government.Because of the Christian culture, they are both sons and daughters.3. In fact, the Japanese government is stable, but the essence of power change is the same.Emperor empty position, vassal contention hegemony.The divine throne protects the sovereign, but the virtual sovereign has little to do with political stability.4. It is important to recognize the facts and nature of social operation.Not whether there is a stable figurehead.5. Mr. Mozi ke's criticism is even more interesting.Since the May 4th cultural revolution, Confucianism has been criticized as royalist and conservative.Criticism of Confucianism is revolutionary, which is a kind of progress.It doesn't matter if Confucianism is responsible for the demise of the dynasty.523. Freedom has boundaries.The boundary of a gentleman is morality, the boundary of a villain is law.Moral reconstruction is the reconstruction of the boundaries of freedom.524, the DPP and the KMT have the same background, that is, the May 4th pattern.Are the inheritors of the May 4th/new culture movement.As has been said before, since it is called the new culture movement, the new must be completed/successful until the revolution.So the cultural revolution is an inevitable development.The so-called climax of development, this climax is the cultural revolution.In fact, the new cultural movement is the cultural revolution, the life of the revolution culture, the stage of development.The May 4th rightists also have the cultural revolution, the kuomintang is not thorough, the DPP is thorough cultural revolution, the cultural revolution in Taiwan...Go Chinese, americanize, follow suit.The westernization faction on the mainland is basically the DPP pattern, almost, not to mention.They are still continuing the cultural revolution: the life of revolutionary culture.This is where the embarrassment of the kuomintang lies. Since the May 4th movement is based on this, it must be carried out to the end, or it must be passive.Or not at all.It has been a state of paradox, beaten by the DPP, it is inevitable.There are complicated historical reasons for the embarrassment of the kuomintang, and sun yat-sen is hardly daring to mention them now.There are also practical reasons: if you look at the academic circles in Taiwan, it is clear that the basic pattern is the May 4th movement, without any progress.No matter the westernization school or the so-called new Confucianism, the basic background color is the same, is the May 4th pattern.Overall westernization can not give up the May 4th powerless.If this basic pattern remains unchanged, the kuomintang cannot get out of the paradox.It has no run-off against the DPP.Since it is the pattern of the May 4th movement and has not gone as far as the DPP, the moral basis has fallen behind, and only technical entanglements, such as shrew fights, can be achieved.It is still too far from the pattern of Renaissance culture.Sun yat-sen praised hongyang in two logics: 1. Revolutionary logic, also called revolutionary doctrine.As the saying goes, rebellion is justified.The opposition generally likes this logic.2. Ethnic logic.Three people's principles, there are national civil rights and people's livelihood, the nation first.The purpose is very clear, is to counter the manchu qing dynasty.It worked, but it was a big problem, and then it came up with things like the five nations republic.Hong Yang, in accordance with the two logic, so sun supported.Both of these logics are problematic and worth discussing.The underlying logic is cultural logic.Hongyangzong foundation religion, burning books and destroying homes and temples, is counter - culture, anti - rational.It has nothing, not even the bottom line.The taiping heavenly kingdom is worse than the manchu dynasty. There is nothing certain about it.It's the essential difference.The boundary of learning everyone has his cognitive ceiling, all the time.Modest, slowly push up.He that is full of himself remains in his ways.Sadly, too many people see their current limits as the ceiling of humanity.It's just my own little house.It's hard to really understand the boundaries of human cognition, to understand what people have said before.It's even harder to push the boundaries of human cognition.The natural sciences are good, but the humanities are not.An interesting thing, learning Taoism, almost no one dare to say that they understand laozi, let alone beyond.Those who study Confucianism should surpass Confucius one by one.If this is the case, what should be beyond, what can be beyond.Beyond a point a wrong point.As far as mencius, no one talked about surpassing the master.From xun qing to surrender, people speak beyond, separate schools, the daoxian dark.After Confucianism, more than crack daoism Confucianism.Two thousand years of national misery, that's all.Respect for scientists is the best way to respect science.There are many ways to do this, and a day for scientists should be a good one.5.1, 6.1, whatever.I've had an idea for a long time, and I can't remember saying it.The talents of national institutions/universities should teach primary and secondary schools, substitute classes, give lectures, do two months after two years and so on.This is so important to the children.We should also take a holiday and travel.Educational equity: resources still those resources, private primary and secondary schools do far more harm than good.Small colleges are excluded.529. There are only two periods of Confucianism.One, the age of Confucius and mencius.Second, non-confucius and mencius era.A modest gentleman is always delighted when he hears something, and the realm is very high.Smell is good, better.We are too far from the master to hear any criticism.There are demands for criticism and responses to discussion.Make sure you're right. Basically, make sure I think you're right.Be sincere and well-meaning, and don't let me think your criticism is sinister.Still want again province province, want to learn from zi lu.To criticize, to say different opinions for reference, is responsible to you.There was no one to talk to, and it was not pleasant.Still want self-confidence, want modest."The analects of Confucius" study and practice, not also yue.It is such a delight to have friends coming from afar.People do not know but not bitter, not also gentleman.Think about this chapter.The first chapter of the analects is very important.Qu "jade from Confucius, Confucius and sit and ask how, yue:" teacher what is?"To say: "the master wanted to get rid of his faults but failed."The messenger went out, and the master said, "make god!To make!"The master said: don't worry about people who don't know, and also worry about people who don't know.The master said, "we should not worry about the ignorance of others, but we should also worry about their inability."531. The height of the hundred schools of scholars in the pre-qin period could not be surpassed.Humanities, too much higher than the west, the boundary pattern is very different.First, the basic problems have been solved.That's about it.Second, its pattern is big, thinking ability is high, surmount very difficult.Good or thoroughly pure, wrong also wrong characteristic distinctive.In terms of thinking ability alone, in the past two thousand years, Confucius, Lao tzu, sun tzu's height, has not yet.It's way too close.Not to mention the pattern, the realm.Third, the humanistic characteristics of the hundred schools of thought.Ghost religion.This was more than two thousand years before the modern enlightenment in the west, and it completely solved the problem.The western modern humanism is not thorough and coexists with religious compromise.It has now come to an end and is under great pressure for big changes.The ancients cloud, the book does not read after qin and han dynasties, have a lot of truth.532, the answer to the east China sea was not involved in the study of traditional Chinese, only batch westernization school, now westernization school is too lazy to approve.The east China sea has recently published several blogs, which are quite unconfident, misjudging the situation and affecting morale.Only a few words.1. It seems that Chinese people are afraid of Confucianism.It's just westernization, just a little bit of people.2. And the westernization school is unlearned and vulnerable.Confucianism should return strongly and destroy the westernization school.3. Without such confidence, Confucian scholars would have to reflect on their knowledge.If we have half the realm of the master and half the learning ability, westernization is nothing.5. It is Confucianism that saves us, not us.The Chinese are the most reasonable and reasonable people.The westernization school is the same, as long as the reason clearly, so simple.The key is that the reason is not through, or just from talking, hiding in their own circle to play.Doesn't make sense.Talk about common karma, with Buddhism, resentment and common people.A gentleman's moral style, the wind over the grass, are just in the scholar's wind.Islamophobia is becoming more and more prevalent in the west, and Confucian phobia has been prevalent in China for over a hundred years.What's the difference?There are several problems: 1, the boundary is a little bit worse, see a big difference.Only comments lower than their own level, this is reliable.Comments higher than their own, the basic is unreliable, only praise.After Confucianism how to evaluate master?Look at yan hui and zi gong, only praise, this is appropriate.The later Confucianism is out of line too much.For example, primary and secondary school students comment on what college students can and cannot do, which is not reliable.In front of the teacher, we are all pupils.2, the problem of song Confucianism is the Buddha.Today's problem is western culture.There is no point in talking about anything until the problem is solved.Such as Chinese martial arts, circle play, how pathetic and ridiculous.3. If the revival of Confucianism is so discomfited and reluctant.That three thousand years of change is still in the middle of the plate, the so-called three thousand years of great changes have come to an end, this tail need not close.Without overlooking western learning, Confucianism cannot be revived and China cannot lead the world.Western culture has declined.The controversy on science and metaphysics has ended for a hundred years, and the western philosophy has nearly dissolved.Sociology is still shallow, anthropology is almost naive, psychology is only a hundred years old.If the teacher were alive, he would look down on western learning and destroy it.Nothing is easy.Say master cannot, not master can not also.The boundary is not enough.5, mediocrity waiting for the potential, the hero also.Three thousand years of Confucianism, the master is alive, han wu rebirth, one of the two, the end of three thousand years of great changes, easy as a palm.Years may change, but three years may change.Two hundred years of suffering, forty years of rest, a strong economy, a strong people's mind, and the general trend is yet to be heard.Five years ago, a few people expected today's situation, and we were far behind.Another: 1. Xun qing was ignorant of the good and evil of nature, while dong shi was obsessed with ghosts and gods.Plant a hundred times the opportunity to subdue the country, the wrong people, harm the country and people.Son language strange force chaos god, son and language.The east China sea with Buddhism, and the ghost, this is small zai.You can't be afraid of past mistakes.What is the difference between families?The mechanism is the opposite, the potential is the same as ice carbon.The difference between Buddhism and Confucianism is only between the two.Confucianism and the old, between the ears.The difference between Confucianism and ink is only at home.The difference between Confucianism and law, one of the good and evil.The separation between the west and Confucianism, between the real and the imaginary.The philosophy of the west attaches great importance to the noumenon, and the theory of zhong-zhi-xuan is that only the modern humanities attach great importance to practical learning.Time is short, time is short.Its machine is here also.The difference between the learning, its opportunity is very small, it is not very big.By its basis.Have, person ghost, come in and go out, good and evil, false and true, between two words, success or failure is free.The superior man is a great man, and he is not afraid.Alas.533. Hold on. Very important.The Taoist system has its roots and boundaries.This is a problem of judging.1. Extremalization.Any humanistic learning has a basic problem, the extremization of post-learning.When learning is mature, it is very difficult to surpass.By transcendence, we may mean error.Otherwise it would be entirely possible to set up another party and become its own.Since it is called post-learning, it is not beyond the scope, of course the realm is difficult to achieve the ultimate.Here's the problem: radicalization.Cause, not enough access, afraid of less than, rather all and.Of course, it is important to live in a state of ignorance.Zengzi, for example, was extremely strict in law and kept a strict watch on his body.It is all very well that the boundary is not in time, but trembling is far from the master's idea of following one's heart's desire without exceeding the limits.Confucianism has several extreme tendencies/possibilities/paths.A, strict ethics.What the teacher says is too much.If the law is too strict, justThe problem.Zengzi had a master and a kinsman, and was a model of keeping.In the song dynasty, there was the so-called moral killing problem.B) excessive promotion of benevolence.Pushing kernel and ink, this is a common problem.Benevolence is the core of Confucianism.Mohist love is not equal, after pushing benevolence, often more and more far, pushing benevolence, put the difference.Nearby ink.Yang zhu had to repair qi, no governance.Mohism has the rule of peace, not repair qi.Yang zhu did not push benevolence, mohism pushed benevolence too much.The so-called, fled to mo Yang, fled to Confucianism.In fact, Confucianism and ink, is also a big problem.After Confucianism is not as good as, rather all and so easy to push benevolence over.Imagine the greatness of the sage, imagine the benevolence/love, think the bigger the wider the better.It's normal to praise too much.In fact, love is equal, must keep.This is human nature, but also the root of Taoism.So it is with the saint's love.Sages, the heart of the world, read in the repair of qi and peace.Repair qi is the root, to promote.A saint loves his parents and children better than others.Love is not the same as responsibility.The so-called poor are immune, and the world is good.It is very important for this family to be independent.Home is the foundation of all ethics, also the foundation of the country.Home is the root of Confucianism.Family love, family values, cannot be overemphasized.Family values cannot be sacrificed for the love of saints.2, with contamination shake the root, wood decay insect, insect decay.The so-called internal and external causes, contamination, from the internal corrosion of Confucianism.So-called, destroy Confucian scholars, will be Confucian masters.This is also called.Dong shi was contaminated with divination, Confucianism and Buddhism in song and Ming dynasties, and now he was contaminated with western learning.The problem of the song and Ming dynasties lies in the establishment of Buddha, while the problem of the present day lies in the establishment of western learning/modern western humanities.Times are different, the master state is too difficult to achieve, contamination is unavoidable.However, in today's Buddhism, not only the problem of dislocation, faults are dislocation.The basic way of knowing is to lie to others.It is common sense to judge by oneself.The cognitive ceiling is always there, just pushed up.Unless it reaches the realm of saints.It is a common disease of later Confucianism that the sage cannot reach the realm and thinks he has reached it.So he pushed himself and Confucius and mencius, how to talk about the sage, is wrong.In front of the master, how modest is not too much, to master, only praise.Zi gong said, "the hills are more than the sages of others.Zhong ni, the sun and the moon also, nothing and beyond yan.Although people want to abandon themselves, why do they hurt the sun and the moon?Many see its unknown quantity also!"Yan yuan sighed and said, "if you look up, you will feel strong.Look before, suddenly behind.The master is good and enticing, offering me a gift and a courtesy.If I can't stop, I will try my best to make a difference.If you want to follow it, you will be done with it."Annex: sven V: we can only enjoy the glory of the sun, but the later Confucian dream to repair the sun."We'll fix it at night," they said confidently.Fix it when it's cloudy and rainy.Alone in the wind and rain.1. It is extremely difficult to make a thorough understanding of the tao.The biggest problem of the later Confucianism was that they thought they had figured it out, but they were still far from it.The master was only covered with dust, but they thought that great holes had been broken.Clouds cover the sun.Cataracts.2. If you want to make the middle part clear, you must make the traditional part clear.However, it is not difficult to know exactly what the teacher is against and what he is for.Of course, can we learn from one example, in-depth understanding, this requirement is high.Sven V: idiom: cloudy day repair day, cloudy day repair day.In ancient times, there was a proud country that did not rain for thousands of years.Suddenly one day cloudy, the people frightened, Shouting: the sun is gone, the sun finished.So some people climbed ladders, some climbed to the top of the mountain, umbrella to repair the sun.Everyone was moved.Then the clouds parted and the sun came out again.So it was announced that they had fixed the sun.Sven V: neutral and constant.Too much is better than nothing, too much and not enough are relative to this standard.What is Chinese, what is Taoism, and what is the master's intention?Again, less than, the extreme is simple.534 culture, society has a lot of evaluation indicators food, clothing, housing and transportation are of course very important, this is the material level.Matter has a problem of horizontal and vertical comparison.On the cultural level, on the social structure level, what are the important criteria, can be evaluated from different perspectives.For example, the degree of rationality, the degree of steadiness, the degree of pragmatism, the degree of creativity and so on, can carry out cultural and structural analysis.What sparked the post was family issues.Family values, the importance of family.This has a very important cultural and social evaluation indicator: the rate of single-parent families, divorce rate.This indicator is too important.It is related to children's happy and healthy growth, personality formation, many social problems and so on.The problem is too big. It's systems engineering.Cultural orientation, social structure optimization, legal issues, economic and fiscal policy orientation and so on how to compare and evaluate the society, the key indicators may be so few.In the post-modern era, the world is in a state of confusion. It is time to clarify the source and establish a new standard.Literature and culture Japanese literature and Indian literature are both too old.Basic background color is very small, life is very helpless.This is the cultural deposits, cultural tolerance problem.The basic philosophy of life, cultural values.Japanese literature, cherry blossoms are perishable.Life in Indian literature is like sand.Tagore's poems, the Japanese novels, are too negative.Text to carry the road, see more negative things, the influence of subtle, very harmful.The text carries the message.The tao is everywhere, but nobody pays attention to it.Like air, accustomed to daily life and do not know, deep marrow.This is the cultural background behind the literature.Chinese literature, from ancient fairy tales, such as kuaofu to the sun, nv wa to repair the sky, jingwei to fill the sea, hou yi to shoot the day, to the book of the five classics, da yu to control the water, etc., to the history of 25, all reflect the day xingjian, the gentleman to unremitting self-improvement, virtuous cultural spirit.To modern times, it is also the battle between heaven and earth, this gas is consistent.Is the positive qi, is the cultural qi yun.Chinese culture, make public rational, make public the value of people, this is consistent.This is the tao, this is the root of context, the root of Taoism.The basic pattern of the hundred schools of thought is that of ghosts and spirits and of reason.No matter how different a hundred schools of thought are, this is the same and unambiguous.Ancient legend, 25 history, is the history of culture.This background color, extremely powerful.This is the pride of mankind.Chinese and foreign literary works, bearing is completely different.There is still a lot of room for improvement in our literature, and this integrity is still there. The cultural Renaissance is worth looking forward to.Annex: sven V: yugong yishan, generation after generation.This fable is too powerful: 1, work for future generations, the values of life inheritance, family values, 2.These two fundamental ideas are so important, cultural.Such stories, such cultural values, are totally different from Japan and India.Sven V: the situation is difficult to change at a certain point.The teacher is a saint. What have you done?Said the sage, Confucianism has not heard of.2. The teacher is the perfect example.Do you want anything?This is destroying.3. Follow your heart.It is not to say that this situation is beyond the bounds of the moment, there is restraint in, there is integrity in.4. What is the criticism for?Not for each other?Don't you want them to be right?Isn't that where benevolence lies?How become not to treat people.5, I also comment on the east China sea for several times, the end of any reaction, not even an expression.Know king heart geng geng, this is a gentleman so live in its heart, cherish zai.I beg for approval, but I don't.Or yes, it's not a criticism at all. It's just a discussion.Small, small, really small zai.Zi xia said, "great virtue is not idle, and little virtue can come in and go out.A group of practitioners."Such as tian zifang, duan gan mu, wu qi, bird slippery li belong to, are all the inheritance of the son of the summer lun" -- "history records, Confucianism," bushang zi xia.Confucius was forty-four years old.Zi xia asked, "what is it to be beautiful, beautiful and gorgeous?"The master said, "tracei.""After the ceremony?"The master said, "the shang dynasty is no more than poetry with words."Zi gong asked, "which one is better, a teacher or a businessman?"The master said, "even the teachers pass, but not the merchants.""But teacher healing?"Too much is as good as not enough."The son said to zi xia, "you are a noble man and a scholar.Confucius did not, zi xia ju xihe professor, for the wei marquis wen.When his son died, he lost his sight in tears.-- "shiji, zhongni disciple biography" zi xia lost his son and lost his Ming.Zengzi hung up and said, "I have heard of it: when a friend is lost, he cries."Zengzi wept, and so did zi xia, saying, "heaven!Zengzi said angrily, "how can a woman be innocent, shang? Between me and the woman, master and master, we went back to the west river and became old, so that the people of the west river would suspect master of her, and you would be guilty of one thing; if you lost your relatives, you would be guilty of two things; if you lost your son, you would be guilty of three things; and if you lost your daughter, you would be guilty of three things!"Zi xia threw his staff and said, "I have passed! I have passed! I have lived alone for a long time."-- book of rites -- gong, the third son on tan gong's bow, said: the sage of others, even the hills can be surpassed;Zhong ni, the sun and the moon also, nothing and beyond yan.Although people want to abandon themselves, why do they hurt the sun and the moon?Many see its unknown quantity also!"In the analects of Confucius, yan yuan sighed and said, "if you look up, you will feel strong;Look before, suddenly behind.The master is good and enticing, offering me a gift and a courtesy.If I can't stop, I will try my best to make a difference.If you want to follow it, you will be done with it.""The analects of Confucius" "han feizi" said dozens of master and sage, the last to see its dare to speak master and master beyond the limits.Alas, han fei is not as good as this -- @ yu donghai five [gongmian] when treating people with leniency, not to blame;Look at people to look at the big, not small judge others.People are not saints. To err is to err, to be always right, always right.Sages also grow up gradually.The master said, "add to me a few years, fifty to learn, and I shall be no greater."And he said, "seventy is not beyond the bounds of one's will."It is not surprising that Confucius was guilty of errors and transgressions in his life.537, the road to a simple in fact, the road is very simple, is benevolence, expand the word for benevolence and righteousness, for benevolence, wisdom and courage, for filial piety, loyalty, courtesy, righteousness, integrity, and so on.So a dozen words, analects, but say is the word.The tao is very simple.Teacher cloud, I want benevolence, benevolence to.Mencius said, keep your heart pure, and let it go.That's all.Later, the scholars made learning more and more complicated, said zhi xuan.Learning into a career, the road is crooked, learning is certainly crooked.Dislocation of direction, boundary need not talk about, are too far from the teacher.The road is simple, the road is easy.Just follow these ten words.If he is not disobeyed, he is on the way, and that is the way.Righteousness, benevolence, filial piety and loyalty.Benevolence, love.Wise, sensible.Brave, brave, courageous.And filial piety and faithfulness.These, so called knowledge you do not necessarily have a good non-researchers.After Confucianism thousands of people, take the analects of a check, qualified how many people?Confucianism, Taoism, is used to practice, with you just sit there and study it?After thousands of years, the way has become a custom, daily and do not know, comfortable in it.The teacher's learning, as long as learn to understand, good.The more complex it becomes, the more complex it becomes.The lower the boundary, the more complicated it is.The later Confucianism is creating problems.The scholars and scholars are to remove the dust from the clothes.To break the clouds and see the sun is a great achievement.In fact, the tao is a few big principles, is a dozen words.The principle is the moment.If you do not violate these principles, you do not exceed them.Violation of these principles is beyond the mark.The road is simple, the road is easy, that's all.Make the tao fine, fine tao also.A path is not a rope.The tao is the middle.It is a common trick of religion to make the middle so mysterious and difficult, to make the way so detailed that people always make mistakes and are not always right, even to say that the nature is evil and original sin.Yi yong is close to xuan, have religious flavor, the road is crooked.Sven V: make the road such as line ink, just a line, thought.A miss is a miss.Learn to interpret, like a priest.People often out of the moment to lose the way, not lost in the scholar, also lost the way.Dangerous virtue fine way, not the road, is false.The road, the line of the metaphor, also around the boundary is also a dangerous line zai.Benevolence and righteousness, benevolence and wisdom, filial piety and loyalty, courtesy, righteousness and integrity, that is all.From the road is also easy, between the ears.538. The book of rites - rites - datong has a big problem.The book of rites in the same article, in short, miscellaneous close to the ink, destroy the family waste private, take time out of the fundamental, not the words of Confucius.His words are close to ink, his words are well-off Taoist words also.The foundation laid by Confucius and mencius was destroyed.Its poison is so.There are too many problems in the five classics.Song Confucianism light five classics heavy four books, have deep meaning yan.Repair qi and ping, repair qi is the root, Yang zhu had to repair qi and ping, mojia has not to repair qi, are wrong.However, Yang zhu did not lose the fundamental, so he said, escape Yang guiru, Yang near moyuan.Repair, private also.However, wealth, the foundation of the country is more than selfish.Governance, public also, there is no governance how to repair.Governance, also private also.We will continue to improve the governance of the People's Republic of China.Push private and public, public and private, can not be neglected.1, its theory of great harmony: the road also, the world for the common.Evil goods abandoned in the ground also, do not hide in yourself.2, its theory of well-off today both hidden, the world for home.Each kiss its kin, each son son, the goods force for oneself, the big world and thought ceremony.To know by virtue of sages, to merit for oneself.Therefore, planning is doing, and the soldiers from this.Mencius said, 'every man has his word, and every man says,' the kingdom is under heaven. 'the foundation of the world is in the state, the foundation of the state is in the home, and the foundation of the home is in the body.'Chapter 11 mencius said, 'the way is far in you, things are easy and difficult. Everyone is close to him, and the world is peaceful.'Attached, "the book of rites - rites - datong" the former zhong ni and yu xubin, things finished, travel in the view above, sigh but sigh.The sigh of zhong ni, the sigh of gai lu also.Yan yan in the side, said: "the gentleman why sigh?"Confucius said: "the road, and three generations of ying, qiu did not catch also, and the yan.The road also, the world for the common.Choose a good person and ability, keep faith and build a harmonious relationship, the old people not only close their relatives, not only son son, so that the old have an end, the strong have a useful, the young have a good, widower, loneliness, waste disease are supported, men have points, women have back.Evil goods abandoned in the ground also, do not hide in yourself;The power of evil does not come from the body, not for yourself.It is the reason to seek to close but not to prosper, theft and disorderly thief but not to do, so the door and not closed, is that datong."Today the road is hidden and the world is home.Each kiss its kin, each son son, the goods force for oneself, the big world and thought ceremony.Chengguo ditch pool for solid, li yi for the discipline.To be a ruler and minister, to be a father and son, to be a harmonious brother, to be a husband and wife, to establish a system, to establish a field, to be wise and brave, to take merit as their own.Therefore, planning is doing, and the soldiers from this.Yu, tang, wen, wu, king cheng and the duke of zhou were chosen accordingly.These six gentlemen, no ceremony is not also.By its righteousness, to test its faith, to have had, punishment mercy, to show people have.If there is not this, in the field to go, many think the plague, is that well-off."Look, a year, such a little ugly things, ashamed 539, the core of the daoism, big say, is the whole of the system of righteousness.That is, the core theory.That's the basic principle, the boundary.One, 1, benevolence, renzhi yong, renyi zhi xin.Filial piety, justice and decency.The ratio between benevolence and righteousness.2. Filial piety is the foundation of benevolence.There is no one who does not love his relatives but loves others. There is no one who does not love his family but is kind to the world.Yes, the loss of human nature is also against.Protect family values.This is the root of the root.3, reason, heavy learning.Two, four, god

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