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Greece Minnesota Vikings Throwback Jerseys Ddfbb 43d0dAthens, June 26 (xinhua) --Xinhua news agency reporter liu yongqiu after accepting three rounds of bailout, Greece finally welcomed the long-awaited good news: the euro zone finance ministers recently agreed to Greece in August this year after the expiration of the third round of bailout program "graduation", exit the bailout program.The Greek government called the decision "historic" and said it had won a crucial battle against the debt crisis.You never know until you pass.Over the past eight years, Greece, the cradle of European civilization, has experienced difficulties. It was on the verge of national financial collapse and the "darkest moment" of exiting the euro zone.The once moribund euro zone is also on track for economic recovery.Looking back at the long journey of the past eight years, it is not hard to draw some lessons.One of the inspirations is that the financial burden of the state should be reasonable and act within its capacity.In 2010, when the Greek debt crisis broke out, Greece had a population of just over 11 million and nearly a million public servants, about a quarter of all employment.The result is a public sector that is inefficient and overburdened.One of the key words of the eight-year reform is "downsizing".The second lesson is that development is the most important principle, and money should be spent on development.Before the crisis, much of Greece's borrowing was used to expand state institutions and fill the fiscal gap caused by massive tax evasion, failing to generate investment and blood.In 2001, Greece joined the euro without meeting its fiscal targets, making it easier to borrow.Subsequently, the euro zone also for various reasons did not stop the blind borrowing of Greece in time.Finally, affected by the international financial crisis, Greece's debt chain broke, and then triggered the debt crisis.The third lesson is that we should deal with the crisis rationally and tide over the difficulties together.To avoid an exit from the euro zone and a debt default, Greece has chosen to accept a bailout package with tough conditions that require successive rounds of austerity and reform.In 2015, when Greece imposed capital controls and faced a daily limit of 60 euros per person in cash from Banks, the public showed reason and restraint, lining up to withdraw money in an orderly manner, which was touching and won respect.The fourth message is that the crisis can only be solved by unity, and European integration shows its power.At the eu level, the economies of the 28 eu members and the 19 eurozone members are quite different in size and level of development.But in the end, these countries were able to find common ground after bitter squabbles and find a formula acceptable to all, avoiding the spillovers of the crisis and keeping the eurozone together.The eurozone's efforts to expand the esm and create a safety valve, learning from the lessons learned, have also been effective in preventing new crises.On the Greek side, although household income has been decreasing, family members, institutions and members of society have helped each other to prevent the debt crisis from deepening into a social crisis.The mirror of history is never out of date.Greece's "graduation" does not mean all is well.As Alexis tsipras, the Greek prime minister, has pointed out, Greece still needs to heal the wounds of its debt crisis, and the fighting will continue.For the world, the lesson of Greece's debt crisis will always be worth remembering.This article was uploaded and published by the author of baijia, which only provides the information release platform.This article only represents the author's personal views and does not represent baidu's position.Shall not be reproduced without the permission of the author.Introduction to xinhua news agency: xinhua news agency wire articles

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